June 24, 2024

A Life Filled With Passion

An All Consuming Fire

Passion is an ever burning flame, a consuming fire, a desperate hunger that cannot be satisfied, an aching thirst than cannot be quenched. Passion is your soul on fire.

To Live A Passionate Life

What would it mean to live with that kind of passion? To have those moments when you feel alive, to be so happy that you just want to cry and burst and fly all at the same time. Our lives aren’t filled with those moments every second of everyday but when we do experience those moments we remember them, we drink them up and fill ourselves with them. I refuse to believe that people live their whole lives without feeling that kind of passion, without living in those kinds of unforgettable moments. Those are the moments when we are truly alive. Where we feel every fiber of our being and we feel like anything is possible. We feel joy, truth, happiness, fulfillment. Those moments are an addiction. And once it fades we can’t wait until the next one comes along. God gave us life so we could live it. He meant for us to have those moments, he CREATED those moments. How amazing is that?!

What would your life look like if it was filled with that kind of passion? With that kind of intensity? What would your marriage look like? What would your relationship Implementing Positive Emotions with God look like? To have the kind of power that makes you run faster, stand up for what you belief in, fight against the darkness of this world, to be the ultimate person that God intended for you to be.

Fear of Failure

The reason we fail is because of ourselves, because of our own fear, because we hold ourselves back. We are afraid to fail, and so we are afraid to succeed. What would your life look like if you gave it everything you had? If you pursued every dream and every passion you possessed? What kind of person would you be? To know that life can be like that is thrilling! Because it is a possibility, it is within our reach, it is completely attainable.

It’s like going for a five mile run on a crisp cool morning. Your body aching and throbbing as you push yourself harder and harder because the reality is you can handle so much more than you think you can. And how do you feel when you come to the end of that run? Like you could go five miles farther because your body, your spirit, your soul, and your heart are alive.

There is an impenetrable energy that courses through your veins filling you up with an overflowing peace, like there is nothing in this world that you cannot conquer, because God went before you and already conquered them. So ask yourself this…is that how you are living this life?