March 4, 2024

An Opinion On Religious Drug Treatment Centers

Christian drug treatment centers would be very helpful if all you needed to overcome addiction is to read the bible and go to church. However, it has been repeatedly proven that having a religious conviction is not sufficient to overcome Alcoholism or Drug Addiction.

Though there are cases in which religion has helped people, the numbers are not anywhere near that of nondenominational recovery programs. It is not my intention to bash on religion or cocaine withdrawal symptoms treatment centers; however, I will present some facts out of my own experience. I hope that no one takes offense to anything that I say here as it is only my humble observation.

When a person is in desperate need of recovery from an addiction, the last thing they need to be educated on is religion. Nor do most of them want to here anything about religion. The purpose of Drug Treatment is to educate the addict on why it is that they are the way they are and offer them a solution.

Since the creation of the twelve step philosophy of a nondenominational, all-inclusive, never-exclusive spiritual design for living the religious programs have been proven much less effective. Christian Drug Treatment Centers will tell their patients that they cannot get well unless they know and accept the brand of faith that the staff holds. The question that I have is how this can hold any truth when an astronomical number of people have recovered and gone on to lead happy and productive lives without the belief system that Christianity offers.

The most effective drug treatment method has proven to be that of allowing the recovering addict to develop their own conception and relationship with higher power. There is no need to interfere with an individual’s journey with the divine, nor put limitations on the divine’s ability to transform lives.