April 17, 2024

Buying Central Heating? Look For Special Offers

Buying a whole new central heating system can be costly, as there are costs relating to the system, the pipes and any decorating that needs to be done once the new boiler is installed. You should try and look for special offers when you are in the market for a new central heating supplier, as you may be able to save yourself hundreds of pounds.

Boiler Replacements

If you are looking for a boiler replacement but do not need the entire system replacing, you should look for competitive deals. You can find companies who offer up to £200 off a boiler replacement and that saving covers the cost of installation as well as the product itself. You may need a new boiler because your existing tank is old or damaged. If you have been advised to get a replacement boiler during a boiler service, do not automatically think it will be cheaper to use your old supplier. Just like phone plans and broadband, shopping around for competitive deals will save you money.

New Central Heating System

If the whole system needs replaying or you are building a new house from scratch that needs central heating to be installed, look for special offers reducing Cv storing the price of a whole system installation. You can save £300 pounds on the cost of an entire central heating system, and when you combine this with the offer on the boiler, that is a saving of £500! This is certainly a bonus, especially if a company is offering both of these deals together.

Grants or Grannies

A government scheme means that people over the age of 60 are entitled to a grant of £300 to go towards their central heating system. You must be buying a whole new system or having your boiler replaced for this to apply but the savings are huge. The burden on the nation’s older generation is thus reduced and it is less likely that their homes will be left cold this winter.

Scrappage Scheme

Although no official word has been given yet, there is growing demand for a boiler Scrappage scheme, similar t that for cars which has proved so successful in these early months. The Builders Merchant Federation (BMF) has highlighted the importance of such a scheme to its members and a Downing Street e-petition has been started by plumbing merchant, Mick Williams. If the campaigner’s arguments that more jobs would be created and carbon emissions would be cut through the scheme are taken on by the government, you could soon be seeing more deals to replace your existing boiler or central heating system.