April 17, 2024

Choosing the Perfect Career – Ideal Occupations For Blues

According to the Insight Temperament System, Blues enjoy jobs that allow them to concentrate on people and relationships. They’re drawn towards occupations that focus on service and the health and welfare of other people. They work best in warm, supportive, harmonious environments where workers are free to cooperate and communicate with each other. Blues are imaginative, enthusiastic, and concerned about the personal welfare of those around them. They dislike competition, conflict, bureaucracy, and domineering authority figures. They promote creativity, flexibility, individuality, and personal expression.

Business: Advertising specialist, Communications director, Consultant, Counter sales, Fund-raiser, Human resources manager, Job analyst, Marketing consultant, Nonprofit organization director, Receptionist, Sales manager, Small business executive

Communication: Columnist, Copy writer, Creative writer, Editor, Journalist, Newscaster, Novelist, Playwright, Poet, Public relations specialist, Publicist, Reporter, Screenwriter, Speech writer, TV producer, Writer

Counseling: career counselor, Conflict resolution specialist, Employee assistance counselor, Job placement counselor, Mediator, Mental health counselor, Moderator, Natural/holistic health advisor, Personal counselor, Personnel director, Psychologist

Creative arts: Actor, Architect, Artist, Cartoonist, Decorator, Designer, Entertainer, Illustrator, Inventor, Music composer, Musician

Education: Art teacher, Dean of students, Educational consultant, English teacher, Facilitator, Guidance counselor, Health teacher, Humanities teacher, Librarian, Music teacher, Pastoral counselor, Preschool teacher, Researcher, Social science teacher, Special education teacher, Staff development trainer, Religion, Choir leader, Church leader (minister/rabbi/priest), Church worker (monk/nun/volunteer), Charitable functions director, Missionary, Religious educator

Service: Conference planner, Flight attendant, Health care administrator, Hotel services worker, Leasing agent, Recreational director, Recruiter, Rehabilitation worker, Restaurateur, Social scientist, Social services worker, Tour guide, Travel agent

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