July 16, 2024

Controversial Stunning Banksy Canvas Art

In an age where most artists yearn for publicity of any sort, Banksy canvas art manages to draw attention without asking for it. The very nature of the medium of work, subjects involved, and the elusiveness of the artist himself have made this art form a controversial subject.

Satire on society

Banksy canvas art chooses subjects which are drawn from real life and society as a whole. Almost all of his works are a satirical take on society, its politics, corruption, hypocrisy etc. Banksy uses different things and people as the subjects of his works. His subjects are broad-ranging from animals like rats, monkeys to people like older children etc. This is one of the aspects, which make Banksy canvas art so much more appealing. His subjects are not some lady or man of the Edwardian era or an elite lady belonging to aristocracy. Instead, his subjects are the ordinary people who make more of a difference to society than the people from the upper strata.

Special messages

Almost every Banksy canvas art has a special message conveyed in it. Whether it is about the take on the class divide in London, politics, corruption, war, capitalism, freedom, curb on art or any other controversial subject, Banksy makes it the centre of his works. It is not as though Banksy is trying to court controversy. It is just that the subjects of his works are controversial and most of society does not like them because of the hidden sarcasm in them. One of the very first paintings Banksy did was called ‘walls on fire’ and it created an uproar and admiration at the same time. Banksy has a steady fan following and those who support his work find nothing wrong of the way he depicts society in his paintings. However, his works often offend people who cannot take the satire of banksy canvas art.

Not going by rules

Most artists spend a good amount of time during their career trying to be in the limelight, giving interviews and chasing the media. However, Banksy is not one of these artists. He has his own unique style, which every Banksy canvas art exudes. Banksy believes in letting his paintings do the talking, which is why he prefers to remain reclusive and rather elusive. No Londoner can actually claim to have seen Banksy making a painting. He can strike anytime, anywhere and that is part of the charm, which goes into an authentic Banksy canvas art work. Londoners are often surprised to find a blank wall one day and a beautiful brilliant poster work done on it the very next day. How he works and where he designs, no one knows. The mystery of a Banksy canvas art is one of the aspects, which make it so very popular with people.

Street art

Banksy canvas art is often classified into the Graffiti category. However, his works are not just regular slogans and sticks, reminiscent of conventional graffiti. Instead, Banksy delivers socially relevant messages with a powerful concept in them. He also makes sure his street art is bold, attractive and shows the hidden irony behind the painting’s message. It comes as no surprise then that people who like Banksy canvas art refer to it as street art, stencil graffiti, sticker art or even graffiti artwork.