April 17, 2024

Improve Your Gaming Experience With a High Quality Headset

With HD TVs becoming relatively common these days, I was looking to see what else there was around to improve my gaming experience in the home. As someone who plays on a wide variety of games, including most recently Call of Duty Black Ops, I was curious about the Limited Edition Tritton AX 720 Call of Duty branded headset that was recently released and I managed to get my hands on a friend of mine’s.

Now, I’m not someone who normally gets sucked in by branded products, especially when they carry a hefty price tag, coming in at just over £160. The box itself, I have to say is very cool, but whilst presentation is important, I’m more interested to see how well this headset does, and whether I can recommend to anyone they spend this amount of money to improve their apex legends boosting pc  gaming experience. The headset comes in a neat carry case, which is well designed, in jet black and has the Black Ops logo on it, however I have to say that if it weren’t included with the headset, it’s certainly not something I would consider buying – it’s a little overkill considering I hardly ever move around with my headset, and if I were to, then any bog standard bag would surely do. Still as a package it’s all very impressive.

So, on to the actual headset itself. Tritton have a wide range of headsets available, include the popular AX Pro which is meant to be their top of the line model. I’ve been lucky enough to use one for a couple of days, and I have to say it is perhaps the best Xbox headset available on the market, with it’s amazing pin point true 5.1 surround. The AX 720 is around £40 cheaper than the AX Pro, as it doesn’t offer true 5.1 surround sound, however the guys at Tritton have assured us that they have done some magic to tweak the COD limited edition version, so it’s meant to be significantly better than the standard AX 720.

If you’re looking to enhance your gaming experience, then invest in this headset might be a good option – the sound quality is absolutely superb. It’s extremely comfortable to wear too – something that is often overlooked, with padded ear muffs, and a flexible mic. The cable is also plenty long enough – there is not point in my room that it won’t reach. So what’s it like sound wise? Well, without having another headset to compare it too, the sound is truly amazing. It’s incredibly crisp, with fast responsive bass that isn’t overpowering. The directional sound is brilliant, and makes playing online games, especially shoot ’em ups great found, if a little scary at times!

Overall if you’re looking to improve your gaming experience, then investing in a good headset is a great idea – provided you’ll get the use from it. I often play in my room with the sound on as I’m sat next to friends, so the headset becomes very limited then. However, if you play online on your own a lot, then I’d recommend getting one. Should you buy this limited edition version? If you want a case and some cool branding then this is perfect, however if you want something a little less flash, but still with great quality, then I’d perhaps recommend the AX Pros.