December 9, 2023

Murphy Beds – Wall Mounted Furniture?

Wall mounted furniture comes in price ranges suited to everyone’s budget and in a variety of uses and styles. From wall-mounted desks to the classic Murphy bed, there is wall-mounted furniture to fit a variety of needs. Wall mounted furniture has been around since the middle ages. People have always had a need to store furniture and goods in tight area and today is no exception. If you live in New York, London or Tokyo you know what it’s like to live in a small apartment where you barely have enough room to sleep, eat and relax. Wall mounted furniture is perfect for small apartments – the Murhpy bed is a great example. You can sleep in comfort and then store the bed in an upright position to give you more room in your apartment by day.

For the bedroom there is the Hillsdale-Whittier Pull out Murphy bed. This modestly priced bed measures 72 inches high and 81 inches wide. The bed features a sleek, modern style that can serve a practical purpose in any home looking for ways to save space, yet provide comfort with a smooth, stylish look. This style can readily blend itself into any decorating scheme.

Another selection is the Hillsdale-Wyman Pull out Murphy bed office set. This combination is ideal for a dormitory room setting or for a bedroom with limited space that also needs office furniture. The set’s dimensions are 72 inches high and 82.25 inches wide.

The bed folds away revealing a filing cabinet and a desk. The desk and cabinet are mounted on casters to allow one to have the convenience and flexibility to move them around the room if necessary.

A more luxurious selection is a folding wall table designed by Christian Meier and Robert Meier. These world-renowned designers have utilized their talents to produce a wall-mounted table in the demilune style. The table boasts a mahogany frame with figured maple accents and ebony slats.

For the practical shopper there are also a number of choices for folding wall-mounted desks, offered in either metal or wood. There are also fold-down desks suitable for binder or laptop storage. Work desks and medicine cabinets are also available.