July 14, 2024

Prepaid Legal Services Review – Is Prepaid Legal a Fraud Or Great Opportunity?

Prepaid Legal was founded by Harland Stonecipher in 1972. Prepaid has developed agreements with a reputable law firms to handle the legal claims. So let’s take an unbiased review this company.

The Pros:

Prepaid is not just another run of the mill Network Marketing company. The company is a member of the NYSE and has been listed on Forbes list of the 200 Best Small Companies in America for 5 years in a row. Prepaid states they have over 1.5 million associates. Now Prepaid did have a bit of a rough go during the 90’s. Good management brought Prepaid out of very desperate times and has flourished.

The service that Prepaid provides its customers is access to a multitude of professional legal Debenture services. The costs associated with the plans seem very reasonable. The company definitely provides a very valuable service to the public. So in my opinion, the services provided by Prepaid Legal are absolutely legit and Prepaid Legal is not a scam.

Prepaid Legal has chosen the MLM model to sell its services. Now don’t talk that the wrong way. Network Marketing can be an excellent business model. But, it seems that Prepaid Legal has chosen to promote outdated network marketing ideals such as building lists of friends and family to recruit into their businesses. Now this maybe the fastest way to add several people into your business, it is not sustainable when that well runs dry.


Prepaid Legal provides a service that just about everyone should have. It is basically nothing more or less than a very reasonable way to have a lawyer on retainer. Is Prepaid a Fraud or Scam? No. But to be successful as rep, you will need to learn how to properly market the services to people who have a want or need for them.

Tim Borgeson is a professional marketer who takes great pride in helping other entrepreneurs build and expand their business using sound marketing principles to ensure positive business growth and establish long term success.