April 17, 2024

Safe Weight Loss Supplements

With so many weight loss supplements available to buy it can be difficult finding ones that are safe and contain ingredients that can help you to lose weight.

Often there are ingredients used that may be dangerous, this is why you should thoroughly research before you buy.

How to find a safe weight loss supplement

You should always be aware of what you are putting into your body. You should never just believe the hype as often a weight loss supplement may help you drop those excess pounds but if it does not do it in a safe manner then it should be avoided.

You should look out for the following ingredients, as they are some of the best available:

Acai Berry

The Acai Berry is full of antioxidants and nutrients that can help promote natural weight loss. Taking an Acai Berry supplement can also help to cleanse your body and boost your energy levels.


Taking Ginseng can help you to calm down. This can be beneficial when dieting, as it will ensure you do not feel too busy to work out.

Another bonus is that your immune system and energy will see improvements.


Studies have shown that those who take Chromium could lose between 2-3lbs a week. This weight loss supplements is simply fat loss too, as your muscle mass can actually increase.


This ingredient originates from the konjac root and is well known as a water-soluble fiber.

Clinical studies have shown that this type of dietary fiber can swell inside your stomach so your food cravings will be reduced.

Licorice Extract

Taking a supplement that contains Licorice Extract can help to raise your metabolic rate. This can help reduce your body weight along with your BMI and LDL cholesterol levels.

Green Coffee

Clinical studies have shown that taking a supplement that contains Green Coffee can help you to lose 3lbs more than from simply taking a placebo.

Capsicum Extract

Over the past 30 or so years Capsicum Extract has been used to raise the metabolism. Now it has become increasingly popular as a weight loss ingredient thanks to its ability to burn an extra 278 calories every single day.


5-HTP is a clinically proven ingredient that can help keep your serotonin levels high. This can help to reduce your cravings so your daily calorie intake will be reduced.

There have been tests undertaken on rats that have shown that 5-HTP could reduce your food intake by as much as 70%.

What ingredients should you avoid?

There are many ingredients that should be avoided, as they can be harmful to your body. Here are some ingredients that are best avoided:


Ephedra can increase your blood pressure and heart rate, which is dangerous to your body. There have been some high profile deaths linked to the use of Ephedra based supplements.