April 17, 2024

Seller Logic When Selling Property

Sellers sellers every where, but what are they thinking?

It makes you wonder if they haven’t figured out what it takes to sell a house. No insult intended here, but really, lets think about it. We’re certainly in a buyers market and houses are listed on virtually every street. But why are the buyers not buying?

If you haven’t figured it out, it’s simple. Buyers are consumers and as consumers they’re “always” looking for deals. Hey, I just listed a house $30K below market and in the first three days I had over twenty showings, three offers, a ratified contract and after that we still got three more offers. So the buyers are out there.

So pricing the Top Marana AZ Realtor property correctly does make a difference, but that’s only part of it. The other part is making sure people know it exists, which is where a strong marketing campaign is crucial. If they don’t don’t know about it, they’ll never inquire about or look at it. Here’s a quick note; price and marketing are one in the same.

If you’re not descriptive and positive in your marketing campaign, chances are you’re not going to get as good a response if you were. People love excitement and you have to be excited when you put together a marketing campaign. And finally, you need to consider the agent if the buyer is working with one.

Hmmmmm, did I say agent? Of course I did and without them, your house may never ever be shown. So when you’re thinking about marketing and price also think about commission. Did you notice how I just added another ingredient to the recipe? Well it’s because selling a property has a lot of considerations to take into account. As such, you need an agent (if you elect to work with one) that knows your area and what it’ll take to sell or lease that property.

Here’s a “non-inclusive” list at the bare minimum:

  1. Price; price to attract and price not to chase the market. Also be aware of your competition;
  2. Marketing; be positive, be descriptive and be excited;
  3. Commission; make it worth while to the agent by getting that agent on board;
  4. Closing Help; in today’s market buyers are looking for some seller help towards closing costs;
  5. Home Warranty; buyers love to know they have that added security should something go wrong.

A small list, but a list at the very least all sellers should review when preparing to sell property. In this market, the last thing you want your property to do is sit. If it sits, chances are you’re doing something wrong and you need to evaluate it quickly. If it sits to long, don;t expect many showings.

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