April 17, 2024

Spray Printing Colour Substance

Paint can be described as “A coloured substance that is spread over a surface and dries to leave a thin decorative or protective coating.” It has a large number of purposes including protection, creative design, decoration, safety for a large range of environments including roads and hospitals. There are a large range of ways to use paint, as it can come in a number of forms including liquid and gaseous. There are a very large number of different types of paint including Emulsion, Primer, Enamel, Anti Graffiti, Glaze, Anti-Fouling or Climb paints. Each of the different types of paint have a different purpose and different make-up to ensure that they deliver their purpose.

The different states that the paint exists in will change the way that the paint is used. When paint exists as a gas or as a Gas which is suspended in solid or liquid, the paint will be paint spray gun onto the object to be painted. This is because the application of the paint is in the air and therefore no object will be needed to touch the item to be painted. Also because the distribution will be very uniform resulting in no sharp lines and very small amounts of paint can be utilised. It is also possible to spray a chemical, often different solvents(Substances in which to dissolve other substances) will be sprayed at the same time as the paint so that both reach the item at the same time.

There are a very large number of ways to Spray paint an item. The most well known is that of Air Gun spraying in which a trigger will mix the paint and a compressed air steam to release the mix. This emerges as a fine spray and a large number of different nozzles can be applied to ensure that different outputs are achieved. HLVP and LVLP also are spray guns but attempt to decrease air usage. LVLP are more adept at this as they have Low Pressure and Low Volume unlike HLVP which also have High Pressure.

It is also possible to spray paint electro statically where you charge the paint particles so they repel each other and spread out when sprayed to ensure that an even coat is ensured. They can be charged in a number of different ways. Another way is Rotational Bells can be used, here the disc charges and throw the paint out to hit the item in a uniform coat. Other ways include Electric fans, Hot spray, Air Assisted airless Spray Guns, Automated Spray Systems and Spray Booths.