April 17, 2024

Which Metal Gear Solid 4 Playstation 3 Bundle is Better?

The recent release of Grand Theft Auto IV has undoubtedly helped move both nintendo switch game PlayStation and Xbox 360. However, there is another game, Metal Gear Solid 4 (MGS4), is being anxiously anticipated by faithful game fans all around the word.

Somehow, MGS4 is the reason that many forward-looking gamers chose Sony’s console over Microsoft. Konami’s PS3 exclusive lets PS players once again reprise the role of Solid Snake. The game takes Snake over different locations all round the world including the Middle East that has been shown in the trailers.

Released worldwide on June 12, MGS4 features the Beauty and the Beast Unit, in the tradition of Outer Heaven Mercenaries, the Zanzibar Mercenaries, FOXHOUND, Dead Cell, and the Cobra Unit. The bosses are ladies suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. As the player, you have the choice whether to save or kill them when the opportunity arises.

But what about those gamers who still haven’t taken the next-generation plunge? The MGS4 PS3 bundle is sold on Amazon, and will soon be available at Wal Mart this month.

There is an interesting incident: MGS4 PS3 (80GB) bundle went on sale at Amazon at 1:00 AM EST on June 6. Thousands of PS3 fans swarmed the site and got rid of the inventory in only a few minutes. As a result. Amazon PS3 sales increases by 266,000%. Sales ranking goes from 2,661st to No.1 in less than 7 minutes. Coincidentally, a few minutes after Amazon began selling the MGS4 PS3 (80G), the Amazon website went down for over two hours because of “system problems.” Good job folks!

There are two versions of MGS4 PS3 bundles available today. The limited edition bundle includes a 40G PS3 in metal gray (not compatible with PS2 games), a DualShock 3 rumble controller, a copy of the MGS4 game, a CD soundtrack and a behind-the-scenes disc. This limited-run model is priced.

The other one is “PlayStation 3 Metal Gear Solid 4 Pack”. I personally think this mainstream version is the winner out of the two, which includes a 80G PS3 model in black compatible with PS2 games, a DualShock 3 rumble controller, Metal Gear Solid 4 game, and a voucher for a free download of the Pain game. So you will get a better PlayStation model (80G) for $100 less than that limited edition bundle.