February 27, 2024

Wireless Office and Mobile Headsets – Why Choose GN Netcom Jabra?

What’s so great about wireless headsets? If I have to tell you, then you’ve never tried one. If you are a wireless headset virgin, then I can only say that once you go wireless, you will never go back to wired again. Except maybe at gunpoint. If you’ve had the wireless custom vr viewers headset experience, then you already know that the main advantage is FREEDOM. Most wireless office headsets have a range in excess of 200 feet. GN Netcom’s Jabra office headsets have a range of over 300 feet. That’s a football field; you can walk a football field’s length away from your telephone while continuing your conversation. And, there is no need crook your head to nestle some device between your shoulder and your ear. You can talk comfortably and completely hands free. So, while you are talking on your wireless headset, you can page through a book or manual, grab a folder from the file cabinet, work on your computer, or even walk down the hall to nuke your coffee or breakfast thingy.

Many headset users are familiar with Plantronics wireless headsets which are very popular in the United States. But, I’d like to suggest that you are doing yourself a disfavor if you don’t consider GN Netcom and their Jabra line of headsets. I use Jabra wireless headsets and have been using them since they were first introduced.

GN Netcom is the number 1 headset manufacturer in the world. They acquired the company Jabra and they now market their entire line of telephone headsets and related communications products under the trademarked name ‘Jabra’. GN Netcom has over a hundred years of communications experience and they are responsible for numerous technology firsts and for bringing many innovative solutions to the telecom market, including:

2000 Launched the world’s first mobile Bluetooth headset
2003 Launched world’s first self-contained completely wireless headset with built-in conference call functionality
2004 Launched industry’s first all-digital amplifier incorporating Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology
2005 Qualified world’s first Bluetooth 2.0 headset
2006 First to launch dual-connection wireless headset for both traditional and IP telephony, the GN9350
2007 First fully Certified Microsoft Office Communicator headsets
2008 First to launch Bluetooth 2.1 headset to market
2009 First to launch professional headsets with touch screen technology

The list could be longer, but I just wanted to show you some of GN Netcom’s highlights of the last 10 years. If you’re using a wireless headset with your phone, there’s a very good chance that GN Netcom was the first to deliver that technology. Now, I don’t know about you, but I like to reward the organizations that develop and introduce technology that I like by buying their products. I have used GN Netcom wireless headsets for years. They are the bees’ knees. You know, being into electronics and technology stuff, and not much into biology, I didn’t even know that bees had knees. And I’m still not sure what’s so special about their knees. But I know that GN Netcom Jabra headsets are special because the company provides innovative technology, great service, top-notch technical support, and an unbeatable warranty that covers pretty much everything for a full year. Unless, of course, your pet elephant steps on the thing.

Today, Jabra provides a whole range of leading edge hands-free wireless telephone connectivity devices. That’s telecom-speak for ‘headsets’. Jabra combines the best of technology and design to give you innovative tools with excellent sound quality and great comfort. Whether it’s wireless talking when you’re on the phone, or listening to your favorite hits when you’re not, Jabra delivers high-performing products with a quality and design that stand out and consistently win awards for engineering and product design excellence. In 2003, GN Netcom introduced the very first self -contained and completely wireless office headset, the GN 9120, and they have consistently been the technology leader in wireless headsets ever since then. The Jabra GN9125 wireless headset is the latest version of that first completely wireless ‘telephone connectivity device’.