December 9, 2023

Ladies Wallets – How to Choose

Ladies wallets are not a modern fashion accessory, in Egypt more than 2000 years ago ladies had stylish handbags, made out of Linen, in which they put their gew gaws and knickknacks.  In the 18th century, every well bred lady had a reticule, in which she would put a piece of cambric, to use as a handkerchief, and of course, some money. Now the great-granddaughter puts all her credit cards, and money in a fashionable ladies wallet.

A man is rather lucky, all he has to do is look for an embroidered wallets– made out of leather- in which he can put his money, credit cards and the photographs of his family members.  But a lady is more choosy and selective about what she wants out of her wallet: it should be elegant, it should be stylish, it should have enough of space in it-to keep her credit cards, identity card, license, and if it does happen to have a holder in which she can slip in a ballpen and notebook, as well as an address book- so much the better.

Woman’s wallets basically need to be roomy.  A well-designed woman’s wallet is going to have open pockets, so that it is very easy to gain access to the article you want, when you want it, instead of rootling around your wallet or purse, looking for that elusive ballpen, safety pin or breath freshener.

A woman’s wallet is definitely not going to be limited to the supposed use for which it was originally designed!  So it is necessary that it should have a number of compartments, in which the user can put everything she deems necessary for simplifying her life considerably, from makeup to easy access to her cards and money.

Apart from that, ladies wallets should have an excellent locking system in the shape of a zip, which keeps everything in, and in its place.  Ladies wallets, which close with just a snap button, just because the fashion designer had designed the wallet in that particular way are not quite popular with ladies, because they have a tendency to spill and shed their owner’s possessions, all over the sidewalk, from the open sides.

Women’s wallets can come in a variegated assortment of different shapes, sizes, and the material that make them up.  Leather ladies wallets are of course extremely elegant, and shall never go out of fashion; on the other hand, you can also take your choice of vinyl, faux leather and other durable material making up the wallet of your choice.

What to look for when buying a ladies wallet

o    The purpose of a good wallet is to make sure that you can gain access to the item you want, then you want it without turning your whole wallet upside down, just because you could not find your ID card, your driving license or your address book.

o    How long does it take for you to get the item you require from the depths of your wallet?

o    Has your ladies wallet been designed in a practical manner? Does it have different slots?

o    How cost-effective is it? It is of not use buying an expensive wallet, just because the latest fashion designer designed it, only to find that it does not serve your purpose of keeping things in, safe and sound.